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Punahou School Honolulu, Hawaii Class of 1979 Alumni

Punahou Alumni Class of 1979



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Many Gemstones Featured on Star Cut Gems were cut by John Bienia, a Lapidary with over 30+ years Experience Faceting Gemstones.  John has Faceted Gemstones for several American Gem Trade Association (AGTA), Spectrum Award Winning Jewelry Pieces, and Personally won Two Individual AGTA Cutting Edge Awards for his Excellence in Faceting.  John makes Much of his own Jewelry and has the Privilege of Collaborating  with some of the Finest Designers & Goldsmiths in the United States to Create the Perfect Setting for any of his Gemstone Treasures.  At Star Cut Gems You have the Unique Opportunity to Work with The Gemcutter & The Goldsmith to "Create Exactly what You Imagine!"

John is a self taught Lapidary specializing in the faceting of Gemstones. Born and raised in Hawaii, John is an Alumni of Punahou School, Class of 1979.  In college he studied Geology & Geophysics at the University of Hawaii, where he found that although Optical Mineralogy was his favorite field of study, his "true passion" was the Crystalline Minerals & the possibility of Fashioning them into "Objects of Art."  For the next 15 years John worked within the Jewelry industry of Hawaii at many positions for the few Finer Designers and Manufacturers. Early on through direct employment with Hawaii's Oldest and largest jewelry company as a production finisher, (grinding/polishing/tumbling) , progressing to production caster of jewelry pieces using centrifuge, vacuum and induction casting methods and finally on to beginning bench work as a Goldsmith.. John later worked as a Sales Associate for a retail Custom Jewelry Boutique "The Rainbow Collection", Owned by Karla Brom of (Pala Fame), in the largest Shopping Mall in Honolulu. There John progressed to position as bench Goldsmith and did many in store Faceting Presentations viewed by the public to increase Gemstone awareness, answer questions and generate a special interest during special Promotion "Gem Events." After winning two individual AGTA cutting Edge Awards in 1993, John focused on the Faceting of gemstones as his vocation, and continues to create one of a kind fine pieces of Jewelry upon request. John holds Diplomas from the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) in Diamonds and Diamond Grading and was a Charter member of the ASG (American Society of Gemcutters founded by Gerald Wykoff) where he held a uncertified Master Gemcutter Ranking in 1988.

Tanzanite "Class of 1996" Rough and Cut Gemstones with Tanzanite Mineral Specimen on matrix.

Tanzanite Rough & Cut 1996


"The Boss"

Taking Care of Business!


With his depth of knowledge related to the manufacturing of fine jewelry and recognition of being a National Award Winning Faceter John receives a high level of respect and trust in the Hawaii Jewelry Community along with the confidence of his Clients that John always gets the job done.


AGTA 1993 Cutting Edge Award Miscellaneous (Rose Quartz Pentagonal Cushion Barion)

AGTA 1993 Cutting Edge Award Color Change (Color Change Garnet) 


Lapidary Journal Volume 47 No. 5


John Bienia in "Facets" August 1993


Charter member ASG


ASG Master Ranking Cert. 1988


John Cut one of the Kunzite Gems featured on the cover of this Book.


Kind statements of Thanks from the Authors


GIA Diamonds Cert. 1987


Diamonds & Diamond Grading 1988


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