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Natural Aquamarine Barion Precision faceted Gemstone

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Future Cutting Projects:

From the Gemstone Rough:                                              To the Finished Gemstone:


Tanzania Umba Garnet Rough

Garnet Rough from CoCo weight 11.85ct.

Umba Garnet from Tanzania

Finished Gem Brilliant Egg Barion @4.55ct. @9mm.x11mm.  @38.40% return from rough


Tanzania Umba Garnet Rough

Garnet Rough from CoCo weight 12.55ct.

Finished Gem Pear Shape @6.18ct. @9mm.x13mm. @49.24% return from rough.



          Star Cut Gem Sunstone Decagon Star Cut Gem Sunstone                    

Sunstone 43.41ct. rough. RB requests a StarCutGem.        Finished Sunstone 10.02ct. Decagon Star Cut Gem.           

Shape was chosen to minimize "clear" portion of rough.      12.6mm. Yield 23.10% Some Copper Schiller present.

"Electric Blue Topaz rough"

Three views of 1 pc. Blue Topaz rough @ 58.74cts. RB requests a "StarCutGem" either a Round or "TriStar" cut. I hope to get the largest finished gem in mm. size & weight we shall see what facets out over here soon!--------------------------------------------------------->


Tri-StarCutGem Blue Topaz "Electric Blue Topaz" American Faceting Custom Cut

 Finished Tri-StarCutGem 28.45ct. Yield from rough @ 48.43%    17.5mm.x17.5mm.x17.5mm.



RB Rough 88.47ct. start weight (same piece 2 views)


       RB Finished Gem 26.40ct. (same Gem 2 pics)             29.84% Yield from rough! 15mm.x15mm.


Pink Sapphire Rough & Cut


Natural Un-Heated Pink Sapphire

1.52ct. Color is Very Close!


Ruby Rough


Sold to me as Garnet from East Africa? ID after cutting Garnet


Unknown material believed to be Feldspar or Scapolite will ID after cutting Unknown Pre-form


Rhodolite Garnet Rough Garnet


Natural Amethyst RoughAmethyst  




Color Shift Garnet Rough to Cut Garnet


Corundum Rough



Re-Cutting Jobs:

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