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The "Star Halo" Cut as I call it, is based on a Five fold symmetry Star with a fine "Halo" outline of the Star.  It can be Created in most Medium to Light gem materials.  Also this design can be cut in several different outlines/shapes.  So far Round, Square, Pentagons, Cushions and Triangles, and Ovals are Available.

The Star of David is another "Frosted" facet design (Certain facets are left Un-Polished) where the "Magen David Star" shows up quite well in Medium to very dark Gemstone Materials.  I have been cutting a Star of David cut redesigned by Fred Van Sant, which Fred gives Lyle D. Hardy the "original design" credit, for many years.  Fred's design has the Star of David frosted facets on the crown (top) of the gemstone. 

Recently (3-29-2010) I created my version of this Star of David design cut, Bienia "SOD" design, with the frosted facets on the pavilion (bottom) of the gemstone.  It is not a "New" concept, however I have yet to see a similarly cut Star of David gemstone like my version with the Star of David centered, frosted and visible through the table.

 Star of David Cut Amethyst John Bienia Designed 2010

Also my design version does not use low "windowed angles" as the final pavilion mains to create the finished effect.  I have several versions & variations of this design with different outlines/shapes like triangles, squares, and rounds so far.

All of these Frosted Novelty designs take a great deal of Precision in the Facet placement to accomplish well. 

* Of  Special Note:  These Custom Faceted "Star Halo" designs because of the nature of the facet placement on the pavilion of the gemstone, are generally a bit deeper than the "commercially"  available mounting for the specific shape.  With this understood,  a person may have to have a custom mounting crafted by a Goldsmith in order to set these "Star Halo" gems for Jewelry use.   Of further Note:  I do not recommend cutting The "Star Halo"  design in any size or shape below 8mm. (millimeters) .

These designs are sure to Capture the attention of any viewer! 

And the Heart of the "Star in Your Life"





Decagon Star Cut Gem Sunstone



Amethyst Star Cut Gem






Lemon Quartz Cut Corner Star Halo Gemstone Custom Faceting

Lemon Quartz

Natural Aquamarine Untreated Pentagonal Star Halo Cut Precision Facetedin America


Amethyst Round Star Halo Cut NOT Texas Lonestar Cut



Aquamarine Tri-Star Halo Cut Try Finding one like this?



Rock Crystal Quartz Square Cut Corner Star Halo Big Stone for Poker Card Protector

Rock Crystal Quartz


African Moldavite GLASS probably not Natural

African "Moldavite" Glass


Citrine Quartz Star Halo Pentagon

Citrine Quartz


Amethyst Pentagonal Cushion Star Cut Halo Gem

Amethyst Quartz


Gem Chrysoberyl Star halo Cut Round 2.00cts.



Matched Pair Magen David Star Of David Cut Lemon Quartz

Star of David


"Oxblood" Citrine Round Star Halo Cut

"Oxblood" Citrine


Smokey Quartz Frosted Star Halo Cut Gems

Smokey Quartz

Natural Topaz Colorless Oval Star Cut Gem

Colorless Topaz

1.47ct. 6.4mm. Garnet

Man Made Synthetic Clear Sapphire Star Cut Gem

10mm. Clear Synthetic Sapphire


Light Yellow Citrine in the "Buff Star" cut Faceted Pavilion, Cabbed "Buffed" Crown.

"Buff Star"  or "Star Buff" Faceted Pavilion & Buff-Top (Cabbed Crown) in Light Yellow Citrine

Star Cut Gems Ring & Earring Set Clear Man Made Sapphire

Man Made Clear Sapphire Set Ring/Pendant & Earrings

Star Cut Gems Earring Set Synthetic Clear Sapphire

8mm. Clear Synthetic Sapphire Pair


Amethyst Gemstone Star of David Cut

Star of David


Magen David cut Gemstone Amethyst

Magen David


Star Of David Gemstone Cut Amethyst

Amethyst Star of David Cut


26.40ct. RB StarCut 15mm.x15mm.


26.40ct. RB StarCut


28.45ct. Blue topaz 17.5mm. for RB


10x10x10mm. 4.05ct. Citrine


Tri Star Cut Gem


20.45ct. Lemon Quartz

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